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Skeleton Optics NZ owners

Skeleton Optics NZ started up in 2017 and changed over to new owners in 2019. Warwick, Lori, Daniel and Sam Wragg are from Canterbury and thoroughly enjoy the outdoors - taking any opportunity possible to explore this great country. When the business was offered to us we found that the Zeiss lenses coupled with Italian designed and made frames were the perfect match for high quality outdoor performance eye wear.

The owners of Skeleton Optics (Mark and Lori Llano - their story below) have started something quite unique and are getting a great following with very happy customers in the United States. We are fortunate enough to have the same opportunity here in New Zealand.


Skeleton Optics’ owners Mark & LoriFor as long back as we can remember, Americans have always shared a passion for the great outdoors. Skeleton Optics’ owners Mark & Lori have traveled cross-country with family and friends, traversing the highways by motor-home, exploring on back roads and hiking trails; experiencing Northwest sunsets, rushing rivers and wild elk with their own eyes.

Although they are up for any outdoor adventure, they are not as inclined to say the same about the sunglasses on the market with poor craftsmanship inevitably leading to smeared and scratched lenses, cracked frames and more. So, in 2015 Mark and Lori purchased Skeleton Optics with the sole purpose of providing top-shelf sunglasses that allow you to see the beauty of the outdoors. Skeleton Optics sunglasses are reliable, durable and provide extraordinary vision quality. There is no substitute when it comes to lens technology, which is why Mark and Lori selected polarized lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, and handcrafted frames designed and manufactured in Italy. 

Everyone has amazing campfire stories to tell about fishing trips, big-game hunting or white water rafting. Mark and Lori want your visual memories to be clear of what you saw so that those stories will live on when you pass them onto the next generation. We want to help you live a life with No Boundaries