See below some hunters/adventurers that love the outdoors as much as we do wearing our sunglasses:


Tui Keenan - Gisborne, New Zealand

Former police officer and mum of five, Tui goes out hunting, foraging and gathering with the teamwork of her husband Comrie and many friends and family from around New Zealand. Tui has recently found her passion of hunting and is kindly sharing her experiences through a TV show called Hunting with Tui.

Check her out on "Hunting with Tui"



Geoff Irvine - Richmond, New Zealand

Geoff is a husband, father, business owner and avid waterfowl hunter that has spent more than 30 years perfecting his goose hunting skills.

"I've been on a lot of 100-200+ shoots, but honestly the most memorable ones are the 20-30 birds shoots" Split Reed interview in April 2019.

Follow Geoff on his social medias to see what adventures he's going through currently.



Mike Gibson - New South Wales, Australia

Being taught by his grandfather to hunt, Mike has carried on that legacy to his two daughters. From small game to larger game he tackles many different species in a variety of different environments in a number of different countries including fishing.

Mike enjoys introducing friends and newbies to the hunting/fishing lifestyle, sharing the adventures and teaching new skills along the way with excellent photography to capture the moments.

Check out what Mike is up to through: